Our hemp-based products

Guys, we have to break it to you: girls know that you steal their beauty products. A bit of moisturiser here, some hairspray there… they’ve got your number. So, be gracious when you find your beard oil or face wash is being treated as fair game. Girls, you go ahead and help yourselves – you’ll love our goods just as much as he does. We’re all about equality here.

The world of beauty can be a confusing and time-consuming one – for all of us. That’s why us folk at Mutuoil decided to make life a whole lot simpler for ourselves – and for you lovely lot – with some straight-up, great-quality products. Our creams and oils are non-greasy and easy to use, so will ace the task at hand with no dramas. In fact, they’re likely to become your bathroom cupboard staples in no time – whether you’re a lad or a lass.

‘‘And how have you managed that, then?’’, we hear you cry. Well it’s all down to our secret ingredient, so we can’t really tell. (Apart from we can and we will – it’s hemp).

Argan oil has ruled the beauty roost until now but, d’ya know what? It’s time for it to move over, ‘cause we’ve discovered hemp now, and it trumps argan every time. Coming all the way from Morocco, our hemp oil is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and protein, which make it great for strengthening, smoothing and nourishing hair, and keeping skin soft and moisturised. It even helps speed up the growth of your locks (yep, really) putting those long flowing tresses or impressively combable beard well within reach. Basically, hemp is just more beneficial and efficient. Simple as.